Mark Benis is a composer, game developer, and co-director of the production studio Moon Moon Moon. Years ago he fell in love with the music of the original Pokémon games and those catchy tunes have inspired him beyond anything he could have imagined.

He has contributed to various films, music videos, albums and video games like Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Materia Collective’s Piano Collections: Pokémon Red/Blue and Lamplight City. His score for the game Lamplight City received favorable reviews and was nominated for a Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) Award for “Best Original Choral Composition”.

Since joining Moon Moon Moon in 2017, Mark has led the development of two games as a creative director and producer: The Worst Grim Reaper: Soul Mates and Tim Knol: I’m Not Ready For The City. In addition, he programs the studio’s games, builds their audio systems using Wwise, mixes and masters Moon Moon Moon’s music, and assists in music video production.

In 2019, Mark received a masters in Scoring for Film and Multimedia from NYU Steinhardt, where he also interned for the NYU Screen Scoring Summer Workshop Program in 2018. For his Bachelor’s, he attended Brown University where he received degrees in Music Composition and Chemical Engineering.